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Phoenix Nic

Phoenix has been a bartender since 2010, but has serving experience dating back to 2006. Working at restaurants such as Red Lobster, Black Angus, and The Shack, Phoenix has taken all of her experience and packaged it to provide a one-of-a-kind bar experience. One thing that separates Phoenix from everyone else is her flexibility. She has learned how to adapt to each situation. If there isn't a specific drink on the menu that a customer likes, she will create one on the spot for that customer. That's what makes it so fun for Phoenix and the customer, knowing they were the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind drink!


Lance has been involved with music for more than 10 years. Upon meeting him, one would say he's extremely quiet. However, once he gets behind the turntable, he's a beast! Known for his outrageous mixes, DJ Lance is a music connoisseur who knows hip-hop history, like Phoenix knows her way around a bar. Once again, it's on!

Find him on Once Again It's On or Instagram: @LJasperJ.