PBK Bartending

Deluxe Package

$125 per hour (4-hour minimum)

One DJ

Includes lights

Deluxe Package

($60 per hour; $80 per hour without tip jar)

Two bartenders 

1-5 Specialty Drinks

Bar Services

DJ Services

DJs will provide music, speakers, speaker stands, and necessary audio plugins.

Basic Package

($30 per hour; $45 per hour without tip jar)

One bartender

1-5 Specialty Drinks

Basic Package

$80 per hour (4-hour minimum)

​One DJ

Top Shelf Package

($90 per hour; $115 per hour without tip jar)

Three bartenders 

​6-10 Specialty Drinks

**To add a server onto any package, it will be an additional $20 per hour. 

With each package, PBK Bartenders will provide straws, portable bar (if applicable), bar towels, and bar utensils.